How to create a volume file in revit with Rhino and Rhino inside?

Good morning all,

i can’t switch a rhino cube to revit with rhino inside, i don’t understand how? the cube is made on rhino 7, and i want to make it passed to volume category on revit, do you have any examples of grasshopper file type i should do?



Volume parameter?

If you add a form to a family it will report its volume via system parameter.

If you are referring to spatial elements they have a guide of what’s currently available in RiR

no i want to create a cube with rhino and then put the cube in revit with a volume property in its category…

can you show an example of some sort? Not quite following.

Here is a cube, put into a family as a Form which reports its volume.

Here is a list of all categories in revit, i don’t see volume.

I can’t finish the grasshopper file to have the brep in revit with volume as the category

What discipline are you in?


So you are in the Architectural Discipline. What language? I believe its a translation issue: regardless, you can set the category per the example above.

i am French so after the grasshopper ,What do I do to finish the file?

yes i am french and architecte and i want to create to my volume and i want to create stress and rib with gross area