Get-set FAMILY paramters or SHARED params

As families do not have project paramters, I cant write this into family.,
Can easily make type paramters, however, cannot write shared parameters

Is there any progress on this?

Hi Arkadius,

Please post screenshots of what you are trying to do.


Ok will do

Have sorted out writing shared params files using grasshopper, does not use any rhino.inside components.

Next step will be to write project parameters with same name, extract guid and then match this to the guid in the shared params file.

Issue is, have to manually write these into annotation families. This can be done manually, naturally will be easier to do this via rhino.inside.

I believe that I need to be able to ensure that the guid of the parameter matches between family, shared parameter file and project. It is easy to change guids in shared parameter file, however I will need to be able to adjust the guid of either the project parameter or family parameter (which is used to make a label) - if this cannot be done, then I will have to load the family parameter parameters manually.

I have about 70-80 parameters, so will be easier to automate this to reduce possibility of error.


Ok, here are some screenshots of the workflow

  • able to create project parameters and a shared parameter file with the same guids for parameter identity

shared parameter file:

Room params in project:

However, they only come into the family as type parameters:

I need to load them as shared paramters to use in labels.

Family Label Parameters are not exposed in the Revit API

Yes, thanks, sorry that I had to find this out in the rhino forum.