Get and set elements shared parameter value


I just opened GH inside Revit for the first time. I referenced objects by family types successfully. I need to first get a specific parameter values (this parameter was added from shared parameter file), modify it in grasshoper and SET the same parameter for each instance.

Unfortunately it seems that the components have been updated and i cannot rely on examples from official site:

It seems that providing guid as a Key does not work (as the component does not accept strings).

Could anyone point me in the right direction?

Have a good one,

There are a few things here to look at.

Here is the Guide on parameters.

Generally it does take a string as a Key. There is a utility on the guide above to Find Built in Parameters. That might help identify the Keys to get to the parameter values. There is a good section on reading the values too. Between those two I think that may get you going.

And this page has a super simple Sample on reading and writing params.

The whole GUID issue is an interesting one. I know that it looks like a GUID, but I believe in Revit it is not actually one. @eirannejad can explain this much better if it is important in this case. But, I think the correct string for the Key will make this work.