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Personnaly I’m using the py script developped in the discussion below simpledrainage_te.gh (92.6 KB)

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I’ll look into it and try to implement it with my workflow.

Have you tried it with Eddy3D?
Since I’m not very familiar with field lines, would I need a 3D grid of points that covers my area of interest in the wind tunnel with appropriate velocity vectors or just starting points at the beginning of the wind tunnel with their vectors?

Yes 3d grid points give better result

I export vrml file from paraview and import it

I see, thanks again.

THe definition isn’t not perfect but maybe it can inspire you :wink:

caseA.gh (50.2 KB)

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Nice script, of course paraview better but this give nice result

Hi @timkado . I am trying to use annual outdoor comfort. Everything runs well but Rhino crashes when I toggle MRT component. I also installed Radiance 5.3 in c drive program files. Is there a way to solve this repetitive error.

Anyone can provide some assistance here?

Hi! I have a basic knowledge of Grasshopper and I’ve just started with Eddy. I’m trying to run the “SimpleWindAnalysis” example following the official web site tutorial but I have problems when I run “Visualize Probes”. It should create the wind vectors but there is a mistake and the vectors appear in all directions and oversized. There is also a message with the next information: “can’t be probed within the simulation domain and have been discarded”.