Simple Wind Analysis Problem : Probing


I have seen that some topics are already about mine bellow, but with no real solution in, or the link wich were showing some help are no longer avaiable.
(Simple wind analysis Eddy3d ; or a little bit in this one too : About Eddy)
I have run the template “Simple Wind Analysis” and the following message appear : “Parsing of the probes failed. This data does not exist yet. Please run the probing component.”
I have also tested to make my own simple geometry and a Grasshopper model copied from the template, and the error was the same again.
In mine I have aslo test to replace the “Button” By Boolean Toggle set on “True” and it also not working.
The files are well created in the Directory.
I have not great qualifications with ParaView, but my Mesh look quite good in.
I am runnig with Rhino 6, my BlueCFD is the BlueCFD core 2017 placed at C:\Program Files\blueCFD-Core-2017 like it is recommended

And the problem is also the same when I run the Annual Outdoor Comfort template.

Do you know how it can be solved ?
My Geometry.3dm (590.6 KB)
My Wind (15.7 KB)

“Simple Wind Analysis” is an oxymoron, isn’t it? Hard to believe there is anything simple about it.

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Eddy always have problems, better not use it.