Simple wind analysis Eddy3d

Hello everybody

I am trying to run a wind analysis with the simple wind analysis template from Eddy 3d.
Unfortunately it does not work. When I press the bottom to run the analysis nothing happen.
Anyone have any suggestion why the definition is not running properly?
I attached below my definition.
simple wind (32.8 KB)

Thanks in advance

I manage to make some progress within the grasshopper definition after installing OpenFOAM.
The issue now seams to be related with the pedestrian comfort component and MRT component which are giving me some errors.
I am attaching here the definition.
Does anybody have any possible solution?

simple wind (41.9 KB)

Hi Tiziano,

I, unfortunately, can’t see which particular errors you seem to get, hence I can’t help out.
Please make sure everything is installed according to what is mentioned (the folders need to be identical!) here.
Please also make sure that you are aware of the limitations of the experimental components (especially MRT). You’ll find some basic information in the description of the component, more detailed information is available in the papers linked on the website.



HI @trumori. Did you manage to make it work, the MRT component?

Hi asisintel

Unfortunately I did now manage to make it works.
Do you have the same problem?

Yes @trumori have the same issue. I installed radiance in Drive C as instructed but When MRT component is toggled rhino crashes