3DConnexion SpaceMouse Compact Buttons not working in Rhino 7

Hey everyone,

I’m running Rhino 7 for Mac, and the buttons on the space mouse are not functioning, failing to pull up the pop-up menu for helicopter mode and the like.

I have both 3D Connexion settings and the 3D Connexion preferences in Rhino set to defaults. In the Rhino preferences, Button 1 and Button 2 will highlight when I press them.

Any help would be appreciated thanks!

Technical Info:
SpaceMouse Compact
Firmware: 4.37
3DxMacCore version 1.1.5
3DxWare version 10.6.6

Button L: 3D Mouse Default
Button R: 3D Mouse Default

I don’t know if this helps at all (maybe someone at McNeel may see a connection), but I’m having an issue with buttons on my SpaceMouse as well.

I think something changed in the last update of V6 (for me) and also after updating to Big Sur, but it persists now that I’m using V7.

I have button 1 set as Delete and button 2 as Enter. While Delete works, the Enter button can complete an action, but won’t repeat the last action. In V6 it used to do both, but recently it began to repeat not the last action, but a previous one.

While experimenting with this for a while, I’ve just noticed that the help file specifically says that _Enter completes a command, but does not repeat a command, it used to.

So I’m guessing my problem is a deliberate change by McNeel and won’t function again, which is a shame, I still instinctively tap that button to repeat the last command.

I hope you manage to sort your issue.

Not sure if this is relevant to your problem, but 3Dconnexion are having major issues with updating their software to work on Big Sur. There isn’t even a proper driver yet, just a beta release (be it, updated almost daily). You can read more about the issues here Maybe you will find something useful.

hitting enter or space bar here repeats last command, in both V6 & V7 beta

Have you had any followup on this? I just updated to rhino 7 (late i know…) and my spacemouse doesn’t work anymore in rhino. it still functions properly in my FEM software.

I use the SpaceMouse wireless (but with a wire!) and it’s functioning fine. I’m currently using 3DMacCore V1.2.0(65)
3DxWare V10.7.0(3261)
Firmware 4.41

Unfortunately I feel that the 3Dconnexion products seem to fall somewhat between two stools, It’s never seemed to be totally integrated into Rhino. The ability to have one of the buttons act as Enter (as I mentioned above) I found super useful, and I still find my self instinctively tapping it to repeat a command.