3DConnexion space mouse stops working in V7 when V8 was been opened

Anyone else get this? V7 SR37 and V8 SR7.

Also, I see the navigation options in the 3DConnexion panel in V7 but not in V8 (same for a coworker, who just installed Rhino for the first time).

My SpacePilot Pro works between all four versions I have currently installed. I started first Rhino 8, then Rhino 7, then Rhino 6 and as last Rhino 9 WIP. In each I tried navigating around in the viewport right after it was started. I don’t see any loss of navigation functionality.

I’m not using any 3dconnexion software though, if that is what you mean by panel (meaning outside of Rhino). In each Rhino version the menu button on the device pops up the menu as expected.

What am I missing?

Oh, I thought you weren’t able to reverse the axises without that software installed?

This is the panel that wasn’t showing up in Rhino 7 earlier (but is now), but now isn’t showing up in Rhino 8 for my coworker… so, feels a bit random which is bad:

Anyway, it’s the weekend now. We’ll see if the machines work any better on monday after a bit of rest. :wink:

The menu I am talking about is


The panel you are showing I suppose is from the driver software - I do not have that installed.

So how do I access that panel?

I just updated to the latest 3D Connexion software and the problem persists.

I’m guessing that most people using Rhino with a SpaceMouse has that software installed…

I think you still press the menu button on the mouse . —-Mark

It’s a bit confusing since there are multiple approach vectors for the Spacemouse configurations - here are some findings to hopefully add to the picture :

On the setup here - Windows 10/Rhino 7/SpacemousePro/3Dconnexion-drivers-loaded - pressing the physical MENU button launches the 3connexion application.
(Note that it has settings that are unique for whatever application has focus …)


There are quite a few models and generational variations of the Spacemice - (I’m not sure all of them have the physical menu button). But (at least on Windows) if one has installed the 3DConnexion software it appears in the start menu All Programs list under 3Dconnexion -


(this launches the same interface as seen above)

In Rhino - typing the command _SpaceMouse in the command line opens the Rhino native menu


I’m also having issues here with the SpaceMouse stopping working in R7. It is happening independently from any opening of R8 here - but there seems to be some interaction causing it, possibly with other instances of R7. It feels to me that it has become less stable in this regard with recent updates. (i.e. I historically kept 10 or so instances of Rhino open all week typically without issue, now I’m having to shutdown everything every other day to restore Spacemouse operation)

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Yes, I agree that this is new. I remember testing early V8 WIP and absolutely had V7 open to compare at some point and this did not happen back then.