Rhino 6, SpaceMouse, Big Sur issue

I’ve had an ongoing issue that I’ve kept an eye on the forum to see if anyone else is suffering from, I seem to be alone with this.

I use a 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse, one of the useful features for me are the two buttons, one I’ve set for Delete, the second for Enter (I’d assumed Enter was the same as Return, but I now suspect it’s not).

Some months back the Enter function started to behave oddly, in that after completing a function, hitting the Enter button did not always repeat the last function but a previous one.

This morning I installed Big Sur, a new feature of which caused me to have to uninstall the SpaceMouse driver and reinstall. I’ve installed the driver specifically for Big Sur (admittedly a Beta). On trying Rhino, I found that the Enter button did nothing. So I go into the 3Dconnexion software, selected Rhino and set its buttons to 1=Delete, 2=Return. In Rhino still no joy, then remembering that Rhino has a preference section for a SpaceMouse, I set the buttons in this for Delete and Enter, it now functions, but won’t repeat the last function.

Is it that the settings in the 3Dconnexion software only works for PC (seems a bit odd they’d include it in the Mac version) or has some other change happened in the operating system some four months ago that has now had another change in Big Sur.

Any help would be gratefully received.