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At the structure I’m working we switched to Rhino 7
However now the IT decided to keep all licenses on 1 account (the cherif). Now each and every Rhino user (we are probably 50) has to set its license to online and point the username of the cherif. This requires to sign-in Rhino3d.com with the username and password of the cherif - to let Rhino7 snap to this license information and to log-out (of course without memorizing the cherifs password).

How long Rhino7 will run this way without requesting to enter the username and password of the cherif in the browser? Rhino6 was pretty sensitive and was often disconnecting. So far the 7 is ultra stable or its timeout to check has been set to huge delay?
Thank you

Sorry, I do not understand how you are getting a license.
Are you using a VPN connection to get behind an office firewall and on the subnet where a LAN Zoo is running?

Or are you a member of a Cloud Zoo Team that uses our Internet based floating license manager?

We had some Cloud Zoo Teams but the IT find’s too much work attach and detach members. And constantly (during R6) people were reconnecting to rhino3d.com to reestablish license confirmation. Now with just 1 user (owning many licenses) we are all happy connected via his account! R7 never complains (1 week already). To me this sounds super wired but it works…

If you are all sharing an individual account login, you are courting disaster.
The only way to safely use a Cloud Zoo Team licenses without separate login accounts, is for your IT to link your Domain to the Team.
Then all members of the Domain can use the license Team.

Based on your reply, I am not at all convinced you are setup correctly.

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I know! I was totally ignored when tried to explain that! I’m just wondering when this crap setup will collapse. Wondering how is Rhino tolerating this at all (by the way it is super stable so far)

Here is what will happen.
As long as you have more licenses available in the personal account than people using them, it will seem to work.

As soon as n+1 licenses are asked, the new person will see a message, “Do you want to use Rhino here?”
If they click Yes, then a license will be taken away from someone running Rhino and you start playing Whack-a-mole.
You risk crashing and losing work.

We allow you to take a license away from yourself in a Personal license list, as you can not be running Rhino on multiple computers at the same time.

Team licenses do not let you take away a license from another person.

This is really a disaster waiting to happen, because your IT doesn’t understand it.