Cloud Zoo licenses stay 'live' after quitting Rhino

Our cloud zoo license is now staying “live” after quitting rhino. This is preventing use of the license by other users. (ie we are NOT attempting to use the same license at the same time). This was previously working well. :sweat:
Any help appreciated!

If you have a good Internet connection to the computer running (and closing), Rhino V6, the license should be shown as available in the Team within a few seconds.
Clearly, something is interfering.

Can that user open their Rhino account and open the License page from that computer?
The Rhino home page has a “sign in” or “my account” link.

Hi John
The license doesn’t become available on the my account page (or team account page).
Even shutting down the computer won’t free up the license. As team admin, I also can’t force disconnect a computer I know to be not in use from the team admin page. All I can do is see who has the license checked out…
Only solution I’ve found is to type ‘logout’ in the rhino command line of the computer with the ‘stuck’ account. (Which obviously means access to that computer is needed…) Next time someone opens rhino, that user will take over the license and it gets stuck to them unless they remember to type logout.

Hello @calumchalmers,

I apologize for the inconvenience.

I have a few questions for you:

  1. Does this problem only exhibit itself on one computer or on different computers?
  2. If you shut down the computer and wait up to 10 minutes, does the live usage reflect this change? (I know it may not be acceptable, but it can help me diagnose the problem)


Hi Andrés
Actually - you’re right - it is just the one computer that won’t release the license. If I log out of that, the others can use the license and they gracefully return the license on quitting.
Waiting 10+ minutes after shutdown of the non-cooperating machine … (or 10 hours) doesn’t release the license.

So, I tried logout, uninstall, restart, download latest version and re-install, login. Still that machine hogs the license.

Thanks @calumchalmers,

Can you please PM (private message me) one of your license keys as well as the name of the non-cooperating device? I will try to get to the bottom of this issue to see what I can find.

This is now mysteriously fixed. I didn’t make any changes, so no idea what happened… :confused:

I’ve had the same issue and it seems to be isolated to one or two computers. Any follow up on what needs to take place in order to have the licenses free up and play nice?

So far, I don’t think we’ve figured out what this happens, but here’s something to try to see if it makes a difference:

Have the user on one of these systems. save their work and instead of just closing Rhino, have them run the Logout command.
This will close Rhino V6 and you should see the team license free up.
Then have the start V6 again and login. A license should show as in use.
Next, have them close Rhino normally (don’t logout this time).

Does the team license free up?

Hi John,

We are currently having this issue, but frustratingly the other machine is in a remote location and won’t be accessible till later this afternoon. Is there away to ‘kick’ the machine from the zoo cloud management interface?



There is a feature request on the development pile to allow this but nothing yet.
You need to get to that computer.

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Can you Remote Desktop onto it?

Not an option, the machine is in transit :(.

New to the Cloud Zoo and I think it’s a great feature. Any news on when it will be possible to “kick out” a user?
This would help a lot when me or my colleages forget to shut down Rhino.
For instance I left work on friday and forgot to shut Rhino down and the computer is running with other processes. I don’t want to drive to work just to shut the program down, but I need to make a Lucia crown for my cat… Very important!

Seriously though, this feature is needed.

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This feature request was closed yesterday, FYI.