Zoo Licensing

Hi Guys,

I met some strange behaviours from the Zoo license server.

First issue is, that as a team administrator I am not able to access the Rhino license, because I haven’t send an invite to myself?
The case is, that I had license assigned as “personal” on the Zoo cloud. Then I moved the license to the "Team whose owner I am, and I can’t use this license any more. Unless I will invite myself to the team?

The other thing is, that I would like to swiftly move rhino license between teams, right now I can only remove license fro one Zoo team and add it to another Zoo team. Would it be possible to make it in more user friendly way in future?

Update: I had to invite myself to the team which owner I am, to be able to use the team license.

Needing to invite yourself to join a Team would only make sense if you are using two different Rhino Accounts.

When you look at the Team, is the Rhino account you’re using the Owner?

Using two different Rhino accounts is super confusing and not recommended.

I am constatnly logged in on Chrome (company account) and the other account I have (this one) is used with firefox. But the firefox was closed at the time I was trying to launch the Rhino, after moving license to the “team”. At the end of the day this is not a big problem, since after all I am able to use this license. But it seemed strange, that I, as an “owner” had to invite myself to the team. All that was within one account.

But one thing that I would appreciate would be possibility to “move” license between “teams” without a need to remove and add license again to the zoo server.

I’ll check with the developer, but I don’t think “moving” a license from one Team to another would be an easy or trivial thing to code. It may not even be possible the way it works now.

Are you aware that users can belong to multiple teams, and when they start Rhino, they can choose which Team to draw a license from?
That’s available now.
Would that solve the problem you’re struggling with?