Cloud ZOO - License retraction from a user who forgot to logout?

Sorry I has asked the question hi-jacking someone else’s post .

An admin can remove it if they like and keep this post open.

New Rhino admin here which had no problem switching the company single license from Zoo to cloud Zoo.

Previously Rhino was only being accessed by one designer who might be sitting with the piping team one day to next week sitting with structure team (different computers/desk/section).
Zoo works great on the LAN environment for this and when management had two designer’s swapping roles it was easy to find out where the license was left logged in and by who.
Never had to kick a user off a license because they left for the day and forgot to log out but felt it was very easy to do.

Recently one of the designers now is sub contracted out of the office or working from home and we switched to the Cloud Zoo. So the two designers could still swap the license back and forth.
How do I retract the license back to the pool if the out of office user is not available to release the license? I see no way as the admin or owner a other then to remove the person from the Rhino team which doesn’t seem like the solution.
Any advice?

Also I was told that if this scenario happened that anyone could request the license and the person who had the license would be notified of the request. They had a set time to decline the request and keep the license. If the request was unanswered then the license would be released back to the pool.
Is this a soon to be released feature or something just discussed with the Rhino team?


Just for the record - the question was answered in that other post…