Zoo License Conversion Problems

Hi Everyone,

Our small design firm has recently upgraded a few machines and also moved office.
I have been trying to transfer the Rhino 5 license from the old machine to the new one and clicked the convert to network button from inside Rhino with the Zoo running, with the aim of putting it on the Zoo so we can can use the Rhino license on whichever PC we need it on. I got a message about re-booting the machine, so I did.

Before I rebooted I copied down my “license key” that shows up under the license section of Rhino.

Now when it booted back up, I get a popup saying that Rhino can’t find my license key (A license for Rhino 5 was not fond on your system… What would you like to do? Buy, enter, zoo close). But Zoo will not import it, and Rhino cannot find it.

I tried copying in the license key that I took down, but it does not work.

The biggest problem is that we moved about a year ago and no one knows where the original CD went.

Is there any hope of getting this license back? Please let me know if any additional information is needed.

Cheers, Tom.

Hi Tom,

Clicking the “Convert” button allows you to convert your Rhino licensing from standalone to network (using the Zoo), or vise versa.

If you were running as standalone before clicking the “Convert” button then when presented with the “What would you like to do” dialog, just click “Zoo” and then enter the name of your Zoo server.

If you were running as network before clicking the “Convert” button, then when presented with the “What would you like to do” dialog, just click “Enter” and then enter your license code.

Also, your Rhino license code is stickered to the license agreement that was found inside of the Rhino DVD case.

If you’ve lost your license code, you can try to recover it by contacting our sales staff at (206) 545-7000.

Let me know if any of this helps.

– Dale

Hi Dale,

Thanks for your fast reply.
It was a couple of weeks since this all happened and this is the first chance I’ve had to get onto it, hopefully I can remeber everything.

From memory I did click the “Zoo” button (to convert from standalone to network) but it suggested that rhino had to be restarted to change the license over.

Upon restarting, I was given the message that there was no license available and was give the four options: Buy, enter, zoo, close.

If I enter the serial that used to be on the splash screen, I get a message saying that it is not a valid license. The number I have starts with 4-, but I thought that Rhino serials started with RH50-, so that has got me a little stumped too.

Hi Tom,

When converting from standalone to network licensing, by way of the “convert” button in Tools -> Options -> Licenses, the behavior you describe is normal and expected.

When Rhino restarts and you are presented with the “What would you like to do” dialog, just click “Zoo” and then enter the name of your Zoo server. You do not want to enter your license key, as you want Rhino obtain its license from a Zoo server.

What you will also want to do, though, is add your license key to your Zoo server so it can be shared on your network.


– Dale

Thanks Dale,

But that is what I choose, and it cannot find it the license any more.

Zoo does not have it either.

I have the serial number from the splash screen, from memory it is a Rhino 4 that has been upgraded to 5.

I have tried putting this into Zoo 4 and Zoo 5 but neither will take it. Zoo 4 wants it to start with RH40-, I’m not too sure what Zoo 5 wants.

Hi Tom,

If you have the serial number (which you say you wrote down), call our office in Seattle (I have the number above). They can help recover your license key.

Also, if your Rhino 5 license is an upgrade from Rhino 4.0, you will need this license key too when adding to the Zoo.

– Dale

Hi Dale,

Just an update, I finally had time to call the number you gave, we got everything sorted and from the license number (which is what shows on the splash screen), they were able to give me the Product Key to put into Zoo. So we’re all up and running now.

Thanks for the help!