How to convert a zoo license to a standalone?


I notice that if you go to the license manager (using the pulldown) the option to convert is disabled. I seem to remember that there was a file that could be deleted, then when Rhino was re-started there would be a window to enter the keycode.

Can someone remind me of where that file is, or better yet, a more elegant way to do the conversion?




I figured it out.

It probably should be noted, however, that having that “Convert” button functional when going from the Zoo to a stand-alone license would probably be a good idea.



(Brian James) #3

Glad you got it sorted Dan… here’s a wiki page on the subject with instructions in case anyone else needs it

(Dale Fugier) #4

I believe you can convert from network to standalone in SR7. Let me know if you find otherwise.


Will do.


The convert button works now.