Move a key from zoo to standalone Laptop

Hello, everyone!
I have a zoo server with 15 license, now i want to move 1 of them to a standalone Laptop, because sometime the staff will bring it to outside. I deleted a license key from zoo server and entered into rhino on laptop ,i also restart the zoo server, but after validating, it still found that key on the zoo server.

Has anyone ever encountered this case? and anyone know how to fix it? Thank you verymuch!

You will need to contact your regional McNeel office for help with this during business hours.
Normally, the process you described should have returned the validation for that license to our servers so you could use it stand-alone as you attempted to do.

Perhaps the version of the Zoo you’re running is too old to support validation returns, maybe there was no Internet connection to the Zoo, or perhaps you have a firewall blocking communication to our servers.

Either way, the problem will need to be sorted by a person.

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Thanks for your help!, I contacted with Rhino office in Taiwan, and was instructed to use the “license checkout” function, thank you again!