Taking a license from network server


I’ve been looking around for a solution to our problem but I havent been able to find one.

We have a network server with some licenses, zoo 4.0. I would like to take one of the keys from the server and pass it on to one of our researchers. He cannot contact the license server from his machine. I have started the zoo software on the server and have a list of licenses, types and so on. Are these the keys? And do I just delete the key I want to use from the server and pass it to him? They don’t look like normal Rhino keys.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Hi Glenn,

If you look at your Rhino packaging, specifically label that contains the CD key, you will also see the serial number printed in a smaller font. This is what is displayed in the Zoo. So all you need to do is grab one of your Rhino CD keys labels, find the serial number, match it up with that is in the Zoo, and then delete it.

Does this help?

Thank you for your reply, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to reply sooner.

I do not have access to the packaging and I doubt there is 60 cases lying around somewhere The problem is that the person that did get the licenses in the first place isn’t very interested in helping us.

Is there no way to get the keys from the server?

I know this is kind of strange but it is what it is… I guess I have to pull harder at the original “owner”.


Sorry, no, there is not.