Zoo doesn't hand out Penguin 2 licenses


Our Zoo doesn’t hand out Penguin 2 licenses

Running Zoo Version 6 SR5
(6.5.18102.04091, 12-4-2018)
on Windows 8 workstation
with 2x Rhino 6, 5x Rhino 6 upgrades, 3x Penguin, 1x Flamingo

When loading Penguin 2 SR5, it prompts there are no licenses available in the Zoo, although all three licenses are available. Choosing “no” at the question “try a different zoo server”, results in further loading of Rhino. Sometimes a Penguin license is checked out, sometimes not. For Windows 10 users, the latter results in lines in the rendered image. Problem persist when all firewalls are turned off, etc.

We run a simple network with SMB and Windows workgroup.

I can think of the following solutions:

  • Ask here first for a possible solution I’m overlooking
  • Install the Zoo on a Windows 10 workstation
  • Try the Zoo Cloud, but I am not certain how annoying the credentials thing will be. Does it work with Google Suite

Kind regards,


Hi @rhino10,

Just curious, are any of the other products (e.g. Rhino, Flamingo) having problems obtaining a license from your Zoo server?

– Dale

Hi Dale,

We have no problems with other licenses. All workstations get the same prompt from the Zoo with regards to the Penguin licenses. And strangely enough, although they all get the same prompt, the Zoo shows that some workstations are using the Penguin license.

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Is the Zoo installation recent?

If you remove the penguin licences from it, and add them back, do you see any improvement?

Hi Rodrigo,

I have not seen any improvement.
In an attempt to fix this I have installed the Zoo on a brand new Windows 10 machine and added 1 Rhino 6 license and 1 Penguin 2 license. Again Rhino 6 license no problem, but the same problem persists for Penguin2, both on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 clients.

Any ideas?

kind regards,

Lucas Beukers

Hi @rhino10,

We’ll take a look at your issue the next week, as Xavier, the Penguin developer that implemented the Zoo feature is currently out of the office on vacations.


We’re having the same issue (see screen caps).

Our Zoo 6 SR5 installation exists on a Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard VM and is currently serving Rhino 5 and 6 licenses successfully. We’re also hosting Flamingo and Penguin. When users start Penguin 2.0 from Rhino 6, they are shown an error that states “No Penguin 2.0 licenses available”.

Classes here begin on September 4th. Could we please have someone look into this a bit sooner?

Usage logs from a test machine are:
8/8/2018 12:35:36 PM,License returned,671-F18Test-c.resource.campus.njit.edu,jqp9999,Rhinoceros 6.0 Educational Lab License,Release,510,10
8/8/2018 12:55:18 PM,License loaned out,671-F18Test-c.resource.campus.njit.edu,jqp9999,Rhinoceros 6.0 Educational Lab License,Release,510,11
8/8/2018 12:55:31 PM,NOT AVAILABLE,671-F18Test-c.resource.campus.njit.edu,jqp9999,ae7da321-ecd9-4b34-96c6-943df284a88a,Unspecified,0,0
8/8/2018 12:56:05 PM,NOT AVAILABLE,671-F18Test-c.resource.campus.njit.edu,jqp9999,ae7da321-ecd9-4b34-96c6-943df284a88a,Unspecified,0,0
8/8/2018 12:57:35 PM,NOT AVAILABLE,671-F18Test-c.resource.campus.njit.edu,jqp9999,ae7da321-ecd9-4b34-96c6-943df284a88a,Unspecified,0,0
8/8/2018 12:59:34 PM,NOT AVAILABLE,671-F18Test-c.resource.campus.njit.edu,jqp9999,ae7da321-ecd9-4b34-96c6-943df284a88a,Unspecified,0,0


Hi Mike,

McNeel helped me out by email and resolved my issue,

Turns out:
1 - I was running a slightly older Penguin SR5, so try to download the latest version again if you haven’t done that lately. Version should be Penguin version, I was running .627. You can check the version under Options -> Plugins
2 - I had to remove and add my licenses again as my product codes weren’t good. Reading from your log, your product codes seem to be okay, but please check with McNeel, as I am not an expert.

good luck

Kind regards,


Thanks. I’ll try your suggestions. It’s unlikely we’re using the latest release of Penguin.


Correction, we ARE using Penguion

When I removed the Penguin 2.0 license from Zoo 6 and attempted to re-add it, I got:


After finding the Penguin 1.0 license to prove the upgrade eligibility to Penguin 2 and validating it, everything works after I was finally able to re-add the license. Thanks for the advice and direction.

Question to McNeel: I upgraded the Zoo from 5 to 6 and there was no issue with the Penguin license at that time. Why wasn’t there an error then?


Please ignore the message from “foreigner”.
Off-line validation is only appropriate if you have no connection to the Internet.

The Zoo 5 to Zoo 6 update only adds a few new license types and minor changes. Any existing licenses already in Zoo 5 weren’t touched.