The license returned by the zoo serveur "unknown" is invalid

We have got an issue with a zoo license activation on a customer’s computer.
Our plugin RhinoPiping runs on RH5 with zoo 6. In my computer and other customer’s computers it works fine with the exact same versions, but in this particular case the license does not seem to be passed properly, and our end user has a message “The RhinoPiping license returned by the zoo serveur “unknown” is invalid”.
Have you heard of this kind of issue?

Thanks for your help


Hi @Matthieu_from_NAVINN,

Keep in mind that it is your plug-in that verifies the validity of the license returned by the Zoo. If your plug-in determines the license is invalid, you can see this message.

– Dale

Ok thank you @dale. I was wondering if the fact that the zoo serveur is “unknown” could be the issue, but I guess it must be some issue on my own validation code.

By the way, do you have plans to make your zoo cloud system available to third-party developers? That would save a lot of time to many developers, and for the customer it makes more sense to have all the licenses in the same place.

Yes we are. @brian can provide you the details.

– Dale

Actually, I think @aj1 knows more of the details. We’ve been talking about putting together an example of the process, as it involves standing up a web server that can handle API calls from the Cloud Zoo and approve user’s requests to add and remove licenses.

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Hi @Matthieu_from_NAVINN,

Yes, Cloud Zoo is available to third party developers. Currently we are behind in providing 1st class documentation, but like Brian mentioned it involves setting up a simple HTTP REST server which Cloud Zoo can contact whenever a license for your product is added or removed from it. So in that sense it requires basic familiarity with programming an HTTP REST application.

Here is some information about the Cloud Zoo licensing API

Thanks for the information @aj1.
It goes beyond my programming knowledge so i think I’ll stick with the classic zoo system.
Best regards