Zoo on server/Rhino on workstation discrepancy


I’m hoping that someone can help with a problem we are having since installing The Zoo on our SBS2011 server and registering our v4 and v5 upgrade licences a couple of days ago.

  1. The Zoo has been installed successfully, our two licences registered, and are now recognised on the ZooAdmin screen on the server. I have attached a screenshot, to confirm this.
  2. At this point, close examination of the status shows that two licences are available.
  3. However, this is in contradiction to what I am seeing on the screen of any workstation, when I go to Options - Licences. This shows that one licence is in use, and the other is not visible.
  4. If I launch Rhino on another workstation, it will tell me that the single licence -12534 is in use.
  5. I seem to have some type of conflict between what the Zoo Server thinks is going on and what each workstation regognises.

Any ideas about where I am going wrong? Is this because I went through the “convert licence” route and should have just uninstalled all Rhino copies from our three workstations, then reinstalled everything as a network licence?

I hope someone out there can help.
Thanks, Robert

Hi Robert,

The Licenses page in Rhino’s Option dialog does not show you all Zoo licenses. It only shows you the licenses being used by this instance of Rhino.

If you want to see the status all licenses, you can remote onto your server and run ZooAdmin. Also, you can use a web browser and hit the Zoo server’s status page.


Does this help?

Thanks for the heads up regarding what I should expect to see on an individual PC. I must admit that I expected to see all the licences displayed in Options - Licences, with an indication about which ones were in use with each workstation. I have now created a remote desktop link to the sever and ZooAdmin.
I rebooted all the workstations, at which point the licences started getting distributed successfully. I put this down to just a time-lag in the system, whilst it shook itself down.