Zoo plugin issue

We are implementing the zoo for our plugin RhinoPiping.
However the standalone license activation works from the plugin, it works also when adding a license to the zoo, but when trying to get the plugin license from the zoo serveur, I’ve got a message:

“The RhinoPiping license returned by the zoo server “” is invalid”

What is really strange is that the zoo manager actually shows that the RhinoPiping license status get swapped to “In Use” as if it had succeed!
I know the zoo itself it working properly because I get my Rhino License from it.

Any Idea? Might it be an issue with zoo v5?

Another thing: when I close rhino, its license is released but RhinoPiping’s license stays “In Use”!

Hi Matthieu,

Make sure your Zoo plug-in’s ValidateProductKey member fills in all of the required fields as defined by the ZooPluginLicenseData class


The ZooAdmin’s display is not real-time - you can refresh the screen by pressing F5.

– Dale

Hi, this was not a refresh issue, pressing F5 or the refresh button didn’t change a thing. And all the fields are filled for both Rhino and zoo plugin.

But I just tried with Zoo6 and it works, so I’m pretty sure it was a bug or a version issue with the zoo5.

Thanks for your help