Zero Suppression iffiness

Is zero suppression in good condition? I can’t get it to work in an easy way.

I find when I first set it in a project’s dim style, dims of that style don’t respond. Closing and reopening the project doesn’t make them respond either , but the optoins in the zero suppression flyout panel are different with the reopening (previously they didn’t have units attached, but now they will) and this time they do respond.

However, if an override is placed on the unit resolution of a zero-suppressed dimension style, zero suppression is disabled for that dimension until the project is reopened.

The below shows that the issue from the above post remains. Only one of the four suppression settings matches the setting flyout choice (“suppress zero feet and zero inches”). I’ll see how long it lasts in a project this time, but in my experience zero suppression reverts to “no zero suppression” soon after being set.