Z-fighting curves in shaded view?

I have a very complex model. I’m working on a high-performance computer at work and still, I get weird artifacts while moving around etc. It’s like 2 surfaces z-fighting, but it only happens at surface edges. Here is a GIF of what I mean: https://gfycat.com/MessyUnlawfulHarvestmen

What could be causing this? It seems like it only happens once the model goes past a certain threshold in terms of size/geometry. I’ve also ran “ClearDrawOrder” in case the draw order was screwy, but it didn’t fix it.

I’m attaching my OpenGL settings to the post.

Here is another image showing more closely the “dirty” anti-aliasing.

Hello - I’m not sure it helps here but you can try changing the setting in testZBiasFactor and see if that makes any difference. It may take some experimentation.