Glitchy shaded view

My surfaces are a weird texture that shimmers as I move my camera around. Any idea as to why this might be?
Thanks a lot, need this sorted today so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Looks like you have multiple surfaces in the same location. See if that is the case and delete those you don’t need.

That’s the thing, there isn’t any! :cold_sweat:

Maybe your model is far-ish from world origin.

Does it help if you run _ClearAllMeshes then switch back to Shaded mode?

I assume you’re using Rhino 7

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Ahhh i think that’s the case, when I inserted my CAD drawing, i couldn’t find it anywhere and had to use ZoomExtent.

Is there a command to move something back to the world origin without physically moving it with your mouse ???

I like to select all, _SelAll, then use _Move, select one corner of the model, then type 0 and enter. The point selected will then be on world origin 0,0,0 with the rest of the model around it.


Thank a lot Nathe, have a good one