You are attempting to embed ...MB of support files message


Can I switch embedding off? I’ve noticed that Rhino generates these folders into my projects, which I don’t want nor need. Is this because it uses image files that are on a network storage?

The message itself is a bit silly as well. You are attempting… no: Rhino is attempting.
then the question: “Are you sure you really want to do this?” (feels like: you are about to something really stupid, that’s why we want to double check) …clicking the checkbox: ‘In the future, do not show me this dialog box’ (which is impossible anyway, but I assume it means next time) but then the option “No” gets grayed out.

Hi Gijs - I guess this is coming from the default behavior which is to save all textures. If you SaveAs and uncheck the Save Textures box in the dialog, that should go away.


yes but where can I modify the settings to make this default behavior? I don’t want it by default, because I end up with folders that are created for every file and have to remove manually. ‘Save as’ takes too much time as well.

I don’t think there is a way… RH-60847 Save without textures as a doc setting


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Hi guys,

Could someone explain this to me? I noticed that if I click ‘no’ on the dialog the file size is drastically reduced and if I click ‘yes’ it is drastically increased. Why is this?

Aren’t pictures and textures always linked and saved on an additional folder? Why does file size increase then?

Hello - if you save textures in the file, they are saved in the 3dm file; when the file is opened, if the textures are not found on the current machine, they are extracted to a folder and Rhino gets them from there. There was apparently a bug where the files were, at least sometimes, extracted to a folder even if on the current machine and that has been fixed.


Okay… cool. Thanks Pascal. But what if I click ‘no’? Would that mean that if I share the file the pictures/textures will me missing?

I don’t want to have a super big file size because of pictures, isn’t there a way to use links as with blocks? I thought this was the default behavior,I thought that’s why there was an additional folder that contained the actual textures and Rhino just links them when open. But right now I have a huge file and an additional folder.

Right, I think this is the bug I mentioned - if the textures are not found on the machine, then this is correct behavior. If they are found, then the folder should not be created as far as I know.

  • If you save with textures, you will indeed get a larger file. If you share the file, on opening on another machine, a folder is created and the textures unpacked into it.

  • if you save without textures, the Rhino file will be smaller but you cannot share the file and have the textures show up on the other person’s machine.

Dunno if that is any clearer…


Okay, I will investigate further and report back.

It is clearer, thanks! What about using cloud storage? If the texture folder exists, I can maintain the Rhino file size small and anyone can open the file and have the textures show up right?

Hello- The textures must exist on a drive Rhino knows about for them to be found - a Google drive works, for example.


Is here something new about it, in Rhino 8 - choice “off” support files?