Rhino Not embedding Texture Files - R7


Lately Rhino has not been saving my textures, even though I have “Save Textures” checked when I click save. I usually get a folder that has all of the embedded textures, but this is not happening. If I close the file and re-open I get a “missing textures” dialog w/ all the textures pointing to some temp folder that does not exist anymore.

I have searched through the settings a million times, and cannot figure out why it will not embed the textures.

I am using Rhino 7, latest release, Windows 10.

Hello - are the materials standard Rhino ones, or for a plug-in? Are any of the files, or the Rhino file being saved to a network or synced drive (like DropBox or GoogleDrive)?


Hi Pascal,

The materials are standard Rhino ones, plus imported textures that I make myself.

Rhino files being saved to Dropbox, which I have been doing for years with no troubles ever before this.


Hi Remy - can you try saving to the desktop, as a test, and see if there is any difference in behavior?


Tried that, still no folder w: textures.

If Rhino can find the textures that are packed in the file…and it will look in a lot of places, then they will not be unpacked.

When you open the file, check in the UI for the textures in the Material Editor…it should tell you where it found them.