Save with embedded textures


I am starting to work with a lot of textures from photogramnmety files. I just found how to embed the textures into the file without doing a SaveAs every time (options ->rendering -> check, save support files in .3dm file). Took me forever to figure out how to do this as it is not where I would expect to find this option; I was looking for it in the file properties and the save menu. Would it make sense to move this option to the the save dialog and let me decide if I want it to be check or unchecked by default (through a template file)?



Thanks for the feedback on this one. We’ve got a change in for v6 already that may solve the confusion in the future. We’re looking at automatically embedding textures and offering the same save textures check box in the Save As dialog if you wanted to change it. Maybe we should have a setting in Files as well as you suggest.

I’ve added a link to this thread for the developers as well…