XrayAllWires DispMode problem with SetObjectDisplayMode

I can’t get it to work here in V6: Any display mode with XrayAllWires ON assigned per-object doesn’t Xay the wires in other global view display modes. It works OK in V5.

We need only certain objects to xray wires and SetObjectDisplayMode used to do the job.



FWIW, that seems to work here.

(6.0.17339.19241, 2017-12-05)

Thanks @wim. Now I see that it doesn’t work with Curve object types. Breps/Meshes work OK.

A simple step by step here to try:

  1. Switch Vport to Rendered mode
  2. Draw 2 boxes and a Curve
  3. Edit Shaded mode to have XrayAllWires
  4. Use SetObjectDisplayMode > Shaded on one box and the curve
  5. Now you will see that the box shows the wires through the 2nd box, but the curve doesn’t.

Ha! Then it sounds like this one:

Perhaps just add a comment to RH-42692?

I just did-
I see now there is more issues with curves and SetObjectDisplayMode…
For me it’s a bug though, not a buglet :wink: