Wrap 3d Pattern around object

Hey all,

This is really stumping me–I’d like to wrap a 3d pattern around the sides of my object, but I can’t quite seem to figure out a way to do it seamlessly with minimal distortion. Any ideas?

Test.3dm (6.2 MB)

Hello - just curves here as a test but is this about what you are after?

TestPattern_maybe.3dm (1.8 MB)



Thanks Pascal. Looks great. I was initially trying to have it wrap around all three sections that I provided, but I’m beginning to think that might not be possible without some serious manual labor (of which I was currently attempting).

It would speed up the process, though,if I could get one of the three bands finished and manually create the other two based on that.

Assuming I want to try what you accomplished, but with a slightly blown up pattern, how would I go about it? Did you unroll and wrap around object? I’m guessing you didn’t use paneling tools…

Hello - I’d make three identically and evenly parameterized surfaces -

MergeSrf the three with Smooth=No

Then use that as a target surface in FlowAlongSrf

TestPattern_maybe2.3dm (923.8 KB)



OMG, you rock!! Thank you so much for the fix and more importantly, the step by step explanation! I redid the entire process in part to learn something, in part to fix things here and there and to make it seamless and it looks amazing. (I would share the finished product/rendering, but probably shouldn’t as I signed an NDA)