How to wrap objects to a surface without distortion?

Hi everyone.

I’m trying wrap an object to a surface. The object is distorted at the points where the surface is bent.

I found a similar discussion below and tried, but it didn’t works.
(I might have missed some process.)

When I project curves to the surface, also the result was not good enough…
If there any solution can keep the object’s shape, please comment. :slight_smile:

This is link of modeling data.

Thank you!
Jinwook Kim.

Maybe this will help?

Thank you for your help!
It’s little different what I want, but it was helpful to me.
When I follow that video, the pattern’s size and the distance of each patterns became longer when it meets non flat surface. And the triangle object’s shape also be changed.

What I want is to make the distance of the patterns same.
The object’s size is not changed but flow the surface…is that possible?
I also wonder if I use another tools like grasshopper, this problem can be solved…

Anyway thank you so much!

@jinwook_Kim as far as i understand u want to distribute evenly pattern? if u want to fit existing pattern i think it will always deform due to size differences cause srfs are reparametrized usually for this kind of operations ( but i could be wrong - @pasal ? ) u should also try to unroll srf place objects and then try to flow pattern maybe it will be enough.

Maybe u should try Panelling Tools?

I remember that there was some plug dealing with similar problem - i need a while to recall it :wink:

I found it - but probably it isn’t still thing u want

I found also -

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A surface must be developable to wrap flat objects on the surface without distortion. A developable surface can be unrolled flat without distortion. A surface which can be created by bending and folding a sheet of paper is developable. This is geometry, not a limitation of Rhino or other CAD software.

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Thank you @D-W for your kindness.

I saw your links and it will be helpful to me. Really appreciate to your help.
I’m new to Rhino so there are lot of things that I should learn. :laughing:

Before doing this process, I’ve got a problem.
If I rebuild a mesh, I cannot trim the mesh with curve. Is that normal?

@jinwook_Kim use _MeshTrim command :wink:

Hi @davidcockey ,
I didn’t know about the developable surface before…now I understood about the developable surface a little by trying to use Devsrf command.
The question is when I have to use the Devsrf to create a developable surface.
I’ve already tried to use Devsrf and apply to my sample, but it is not works.

@jinwook_Kim The surface in your first post appears to have double curvature. It can not be made developable without changing the shape. That is because of the geometry characteristics of developable surfaces, and is independent of CAD software. You will need to change the shape to create a developable surface.