Trying to wrap a pattern on the surface of my model


Ive set myself abit of what feels a difficult task, ive created a vortex type shape, and ive alos created a tesselated heaxagan pattern, im simply tyring to wrap that pattern around the under side of the vortex, ive tried flow, flow along curve, surface etc. with no joy. i dont suppose anybody has any usefull advice? :smile:

so i basically want the pattern to form straight down and around onto that curve

thank you again

Io if flow doesn’t work for you, did you try to project it?

Im finding that no matter which asect of the model i click, it just wont do the right thing, project appears to do nothing…

Don’t know why project should not work but you can kind of simulate it: extrude all your hexagons so they extend over your form. Then calculate intersection lines.

Hello- you can use the ProjectObjects script here:


  1. You’ll need to jump through some hoops a little to get it to work- one of the big limitations of this script is that the target object must be bigger than the bounding box of the objects being projected so, ExtractSrf the actual target surface from the overall target object and make a plane with a hole in it and join it to make a temporary target object that is big enough.
    Like so:

  2. I am not sure from the image whether your object has any height - I am not sure how well the script works with a planar object…


First thing I’d try is figure out why project is not working for you. Are you able to project just one simple curve, one hex say, onto a simple surface? If that is not working then something is definitely ailing your Rhino.
Next, how exactly do you want that pattern placed on the surface? Mathematically speaking, you must know any fixed pattern will have to distort in order to fit onto that shape.
I’ve attached a rhino with a few samples. The flow sample shows how the hex towards outer ring will have to expand in order to meet. The project and pull samples show similar issues with stretching.
hex pattern overlay.3dm (2.1 MB)

Hi thank you very much for the detailed responses, im just trying to experiment and figure out what is the best tool for the job in rhino and i think project appears to be working.

thank you for your help