Worksession: Rhino out of memory, when file is attached in work session

I need help with a solution on how to get all my files (4) attached/linked together as one model.
I have three separate files for one project:

1.Facade File (3MB)
2.Structure file - steel structure (1700MB approximately)
3. Interiors and Walls (1.14Mb approximately)
4.Roof file (170 Mb)

Totaly file size equals = 3.15 Gb

I use Rhino 6.25

Anytime I attach any of the files,
Facade file + Structure file = Memory runs out
Facade file + Interiors and Walls = Memory runs out
Structure file + Interiors and Walls = Memory runs out
Interior Walls + Facade File + Roof File = Works perfectly

However, any combination with the structure file and Rhino runs out of memory and Crashes.

Specifically, the structure file to the Facade file, in a work session. Rhino runs out of memory.
Or as an externally referenced block, it runs out of memory.

I tried, referencing the geometry in grasshopper, so I could at least get a reduced version of the file. So I could open it in any of the other files. But It also runs out of memory.then the screen goes black for a sec then Rhino exits.

I need to have all three files in one master file (work session), eventually for final renders and, to generate architectural drawings, but I just need the facade file (3MB) and structure file(as reference) together to work on something right now.

This is posing a significant challenge.
I would be very grateful if I could get a fix, to put all the files together in one working Master model. Without Rhino/Computer running out of memory.


Hello - can you open each of the files, ClearAllMeshes, save, then attach the files to the master files with all views in wireframe?


After ClearAllMeshes command results
facade file 7Mb - 6mb
Interiors 1.14Gb - 1.0Gb
Structure file 1.87Gb - Null

When I try to clear the Structure file
Rhino runs out of memory.

Hello -

Does the behavior of these two files change after you clear all meshes, save, and attach the files to a file in which all viewports are in wirefame display mode?


I need the Structure file to work, most importantly.

All other files can be attached, without running out of memory.
Rhino runs smoothly, with all other files attached(without structure file), in wireframe mode.

After ClearAllMeshes
Roof file -177Mb - 40Mb

Hello - so, before, the same files did not run cleanly, now they do, correct? - that suggests that creating meshes may be running into difficulties. I would open the large file and see if SelBadObjects finds anything. If so, hide (or fix) these objects, ClearAllMeshes, Save and attach the file to a session of Rhino in which all viewports are wireframe.


They run well, but slow.
What exactly does ClearAllMeshes do?

Okay, I’ll try this and get back to you.

No bad objects selected.

When I try to ClearAllMeshes, Rhino runs out of Memory.

Hm. I guess you have some sleuthing to do. Does the large file display OK in shaded mode?


yeah, it display well.
But rotating, orbiting views and everything else (running any command) is really slow.

Hello - yeah, I can imagine it may be slow - lets try one more thing - SaveAs the large file to a new name and in the save dialog, check ‘SaveSmall’. Then attach that file to a wireframe-only file… does it work at all without the meshes?


I’m still trying to Saveas, for the Past 20 mins.
Its still saving.

Hm… is the save to a local drive?


Yes please.
Let me, I will force it to close with Task Manager and try again.


I don’t understand your question

Hello - are you saving the file to a network location or to your local hard drive?


Local drive, Sir
Drive D: 902 GB Capacity

Please try:

AutoSave, then open the resulting autosaved file and rename it - make sure that none of the views are shaded. Attach that file. My theory of the moment is that Rhino is running Windows out of memory in the process of creating render meshes - I could be completely wrong, but my suggestions are an attempt to see if that is correct.
(Autosave may be a lot faster than a save.)


When I tried this(saving small and attaching all files in wireframe mode), Rhino, run out of Memory.

I am trying your Autosave suggestion now.

Hello - I should have asked at the top -

Please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and copy/paste the results here.