Worksession large files

I’m using files A to tie files B, C and D (A have the layouts and no geometry). When I attach files B, C and D to A the A file grow in size of the amount of the sum of B C and D. The size doesn’t get smaller when I detach any of the files - it stays large. And even worse… when I reattach any of the files, after saving A gates even bigger… Anyone have a solution to this? I’ve working on rhino 5 sr3.

Hello- if you can provide (preferably simple as possible) a set of files that demonstrates this, please contact and we’ll try to sort out what is happening. Off hand, I do not have any idea what could be going on here. I’ll check with @dalelear, he’s the most likely to have an idea.

thanks for the report.


After a lot of experimentation it turned out that one of the files in the network was causing this. Although only when the active file was saved before a worksession (.rws) file created. I copy all the geometry form the corrupted file to the new one and for now everything is ok. I will post if something change,

Work sessions are inflating my indiviual files sizes too. I am having a similar problem to the above. I am working on a building model and that parses the model into separate architectural, mechanial and structural 3DM files. As an example, my mechanical file should be maybe 20 MB but often when I save the file while worksessioning it inflates into .5-1GB. If I just open that file outside of the worksession environment I can not determine why the file is so big. There is no hidden geometry, no rendering materials-- nothing that I can detect beyond a few nurbs extrusions.

I won’t have time to recreate the problem with smaller files in the near future - is there anyway to analyze how memory is allocated in a given 3dm file?


I have answered my own question - I discovered the audit tool after I wrote this and realized that my Maxwelll render plugin was the source of the problem. It was storing a huge amount of memory. I solved it this way:

Command: Maxwell_ClearCachedData
Maxwell: Clearing cached Maxwell path and texture data.
Command: Maxwell_RemoveAllMaxwellData
All Maxwell data will be immediately discarded, do you want to continue? ( Yes No ): Yes
Maxwell: All Maxwell data has been removed.