Worksessions bug : right-clicking on file name in layer manager puts Rhino on it's knees

Why is it that right-clicking on the file name of an attached file in the laye manager taxes so much the machine that it takes tens of seconds to acknowledge ?

I do this Right-click to “Select Sublayer Objects” and thus select all the selectionnable objects in the attached file.

Right-clicking on the layers and sub-layers of the attached file doesn’t provoke this behavior.

Hello ?

I loaded a typical worksession with about 4-5 files about 300 mb each, right click in the layer manager with only the slightly lag. All my files are local.

I also have been frustrated with this issue. When I right click, I don’t know if it’s working or not. It seems that it must be reading the file again to check for updates. My current worksession has 60 files attached, total file size of all files is over 5 GB.

Hello- it might be worth trying LimitRefereceneModel


This doesn’t seem to speed up the right click menu. I noticed too that if I right click on the same file a second time soon after, the menu pops up very quickly. What is Rhino looking at before it will display the menu?

I am asking the developer about this: the model is not re-read or anything - we’ll probably have to try to reproduce the massive worksession and see what happens.


No need to reproduce a “massive” worksession.
Referenced layers are sluggish, even with only one moderate sized referenced file.