Rhino 6 Worksession Issue


Testing Rhino 6 in the office and so far was working perfectly. Today I discover a bug in the Worksession workflow. The file that was worksession it`s a rhino 5 file that contain a block, the block is link to a dwg floorplan.

This file seems now embedded in a strange way together with the file.

Let me break it down because it`s a bit of a complex issue:

  1. I dont need to open any workession file to have it in. Furthmore it is now impossible to delete, meaning I can delete the objects but I cant delete the layers.After several trials I discover that the layers appears as if they are from a worksession file (> this symbol before the layer structure) but I don`t have the file listed in the worksession manager.

  2. The file instead appear in the block manager as a linked block and I did tried to delete from there, I can delete the block and the objects but the layers are not purging (and they appear as worksession layer so I can`t delete them manually).


Hi Pietro - can you post or send us the file? tech@mcneel.com. Please include a link to this Discourse topic.