Working Tabs

Hi, I am not new to Rhino but new to this forum so this may have been previously noted. I have not seen it in any of the new versions so i would assume not unless they don’t like the idea

I think like all other applications with working space IE: all web browsers, AI, PS and other adobe applications have tabs vs opening new windows. I always found this to slow my roll with Rhino when I’m working like some 5 things at once.

Did anyone else find this something they should add?

This has been taken up many times before, yes :smile:
The main problem with tabs is that if one goes down, they all go down.

Since we don’t have this now, and if we ever do it will be new in V6 or later, so I think each tab could nowadays be implemented as a separate process in a separate address space. Whether most people would think this is a major improvement over what we do have today - multiple instances of Rhino running simultaneously - is another question.

I always thought it was because tabs are not considered “Mac-like”…

What about doing it the Safari way?

Yeah i figured people had thought about it, I’m by no means a programer so I am not sure how complex that would be to do 3D imaging with tabs as far as processing the data, but with computers (being laptop) are becoming more and more powerful and you can run massive 3D games on them maybe its a possibility.

I would be down with that idea for sure! atlas have them organized. Sometimes I get carried away and have some 15 files up on Rhino at once via my laptop and other screens so it gets wild. That would be a nice option to choose as a setting.