Interface suggestion: open/new project tabs

I’d like to propose that Rhino implements tabs in the application window for multiple open projects and/or when opening new projects.

This is widely used in 2D and 3D programs alike (AutoCAD, Cinema4D, Blender, Photoshop, Illustrator) and is an immense help when multitasking in these programs.

Practical application: I often open more than one .3dm file to copy parts from an existing while into a file on which I’m currently working. It would be easier if I could switch projects by clicking on various open tabs with the project name as opposed to leaving the main project window. Or I’ll copy some geometry from a large file, and want to paste it into a new, clean file for easier modeling. For this latter instance, hitting command/ctrl + N always asks if I want to close and save my current file, which is not what I want to do, so I have to cancel, go down to the taskbar/dock, and open a new instance of Rhino.

I figure since version 8 is going through some interface changes, perhaps this would be a good time to ask for this modern, widely adapted way of project navigation to be implemented in Rhino.


Tab have always been available in Rhino Mac. [screen shot from the WIP]
They are Just taking too much screen space IMO



I meant to drop in this in the Windows forum. Sorry, I don’t post much, but thank you for the reply! :slight_smile:

you can change the title/ tags so people in the Windows cat. will see it

Hi -

It is in the Windows category but has a mac tag because browser-detection says it’s sent from a machine running macOS/iOS.

I wouldn’t count on Rhino for Windows going the MDI (multi-document-interface) route.

That’s sad. It would be a great feature for multi-tasking. Now I can just hope I’m able to use a Mac for work full-time in the future. Thanks!