Separate Rhino instances

This could be a shot in the dark, but some software (for example, Archicad) opens a completely separate “instance” for each open file, so that if one freezes or crashes, the others are perfectly usable.

Could something similar be achieved on Rhino for Mac as well? It could be useful when Rhino or Grasshopper freeze momentarily when computing heavy commands.

Time to switch to Rhino for Windows… Been that way since Rhino 1.0.

Kidding aside, I think this has been discussed before for the Mac side, but IIRC it’s very hard to do. Here’s one discussion:

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I agree that this “feature” is essential.

Don’t understand why it is that hard to achieve, but that is probably because of my ignorance regarding software development. In theory, one can launch many instances of Rhino, but then an error message appears.


And if not “essential,” it would notably elevate the UX anyways.

Rhino Windows has always been better at many things than the Mac counterpart… Sometimes I like to annoy the developers into caring a bit more about the Mac as well. :wink:

I hope that’s going to change from R8 onwards with Apple Silicon support.

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Well, FYI a HUGE amount of V8 development has been focused on improving the Mac side for V8 - M1+M2 compatibility, Metal display, a workspace management UI that is compatible with and has the flexibility of that in Windows Rhino. Some of this has even been at the expense of less convenient situations on the Windows side - like this one:

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I’ve been using the WIP/Beta and it showed a huge improvement in the past two years. R7 was nearly unusable on Apple Silicon, so I’m happy to see all the effort is getting somewhere!