Tabs for multiple Rhino documents

This is probably a bigger undertaking, but having tabs of Rhino documents (AutoCAD) rather than separate windows (Win Explorer) would be really nice and might clear a bit of the clutter on the desktop.

Most likely though the benefit is disproportionate to the amount of work this would take.

Hello - Rhino on Mac has this; a downside would be that a crash closes all windows.



Rhino never crashes for me though, just freezes sometimes infinitely

Although I see why tabs are nice, I think it comes down to the kind of software. Photoshop, Illustrator, makes sense to have tabs.

For Rhino not so much. Apart from what Pascal mentioned, (I do have a good number of crashes because of GH, and big files) I also find it quite comfortable to be able to switch windows with Alt + Tab.

Rhino’s interface is already pretty fragile, clicking on the material library on a file with a couple of materials already freezes for a bit… I don’t want to think about clicking on each tab jumping from one big file to another.

But yeah, tabs are nice. Cinema 4D has recently added tabs too. Before it had all files inside one window but no tabs, you could and still can switch by pressing V and selecting which project you want (no click needed, just hover the mouse). I find this to be very comfortable and practical.

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