Without plug-in clipboard

Is it possible to copy an object in another rhino file without plug-in?

Yes absolutely!
You can ctrl-c & ctrl-v across multiple open documents. You might want to give the command a couple of seconds to work depening on your computer.

I think I misrepresented myself, I am using matrixgold and when I want to copy an object from a file I saved, it copies the matrixgold files in the background. How can I cancel the software of the matrixgold plug-in while copying? I am using the translation program. I apologize for typos

I don’t think you can do that via Windows clipboard copy/paste.

From the saved file you can select the part(s), then use Export, and uncheck the “Save plug-in data” checkbox at the bottom of the Export dialog, save the file to someplace like your desktop. Then use Import in the new file to import the piece.

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I already do that but I want it to be with ctrl-c and ctrl-v. Because with this way it is much more practical thats why i want to use it.

I don’t think it’s possible to do that way currently. One other possibility - if you are often taking parts out of one single file as you work - would be to SaveAs that file under a different name and uncheck “Save plug-in data”. That way the whole copied file would be purged of the plug-in data, and you can copy-paste as you wish to the other file.

thank you very much, obviously there is no method to do what I want