Copy/pasting an object between 2 files in Rhino?

I want to copy an object in one Rhino file to another Rhino file. I have both Rhino files open. I tried CopyToClipboard and then Paste in the file that I want to Paste it to but nothing happens. I also tried just copy and paste and nothing worked. How do I do this. Ps. I am new to Rhino
Thanks in advance

If you have the same named layer in the second [pasted] file, make sure it is turned on.

Otherwise, Rhino makes a new layer to match and it’s on by default.

Method 1:

  • Select object(s) to be copied
  • CopyToClipboard
  • Go to second instance of Rhino
  • Paste

Method 2

  • Select object(s) to be copied
  • “Ctrl C”
  • Go to second instance of Rhino
  • “Crtl V”

Did you get this to work?
From time to time I have the same issue and need to restart my pc to get copy paste to work.


I when I CopyToClipboard, and the Paste on the other file, I see the new layer appear but the new Pasted object is not there, and the layer is turned on? And CtrlC and then Ctrl V doesn’t seem to work.

Could you post an object that does not paste correctly into another file?
Also, what Service Release of Rhino 5 are you running?

I thought I had this problem at times but it is usually due to having a running command waiting for a response or input in the file you are trying to copy to. A message will pop up in that case but be sure you have a active command line (flashing line).

Also, make sure you Zoom Extents in the second file (the one in where you’re pasting), since the copied geometry might be elsewhere or far from the origin and the camera is jut not “looking” at it.


I had the same issue and eventually discovered my problem was that the paste was landing behind a forgotten clipping plane

Another method would be to save selected file separately. Open the other file and import or merge previously saved file into the newly opened one.

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After I paste the object that I copied into another rhino file it always shows up as a mesh material. Why is this? How can it be fixed?

Hi Travis -

What does that mean? Can you post a 3dm file with an object that is not pasting as you would expect?