"copy" between Rhino7 files without using export

how do I copy objects from one Rhino7 file to another Rhino7 file without using export? “Help” has a host of different copy commands but they appear to be all intra file versus inter file…

Art Smth

Can you elaborate?

You can open many Rhino sessions on the same pc at the same time.
Select a geometry on one session, copy (CTRL+C) , go to the other session, paste (CTRL+V) .

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thanks! I was looking for a Rhino7 solutions but Windows will work. I have three Rhino7 files open and would like to be able to copy objects from one to one or both others


That IS the “Rhino” solution, that’s something McNeel would have had to implement, and effectively does just involve exporting and importing behind-the-scenes.

thanks! explains why help didn’t have an answer.


You can also use the copytoclipboard command