Create copy of an object without plug-in properties?

Is it possible to create a copy of an object ( for example Copy Objects to layer) without associated plug-in properties, such as an Orca3D weight? Creating a copy without any properties would be acceptable.

The particular situation is I have a surface which has an Orca3D weight assigned. I create a copy of the surface in a different layer and Orca3D weight is copied. I do not want an Orca3D weight assigned to the copied object.

My guess is including object properties when an object is copied is a Rhino “feature” and not specific to Orca3D, which is why I am posting this in the general Rhino forum rather than the Orca3D forum.

Hi David - I do not know of a way to do this in plain Rhino - I’ll have a look in RhinoCommon. A workaround would be to export to a dummy file with no plug-in data and import it right back in - that can be managed in a macro.


Pascal, thanks for the quick reply. A “geometry only” option would be useful for the various methods of copying.

Hi david - for now I think a macro like this will work to copy an object in place without the data:

! _-Export _Pause _SavePlugInData=No "D:\temp\dummy.3dm" _enter _-Import "D:\temp\dummy.3dm" _Enter

! _-Export _Pause _SavePlugInData=_No _GeometryOnly=_Yes "D:\temp\dummy.3dm" _enter _-Import "D:\temp\dummy.3dm" _Enter


Thanks for the macro. Will I need to purge data from dummy.3dm or delete the existing dummy.3dm before reusing the macro?


Hi David - I think it should just overwrite the file every time. If you keep the import part as part of the macro only, you should never have the situation where you import something by mistake.