(Wish, SubD) Beautify Edge Loop

Working and teaching a lot of SubDs in the last weeks.

I would love to see an interactive command, that allows to “beautify” a (partial) Edge Loop.
(maybe also Face Loop)
The command should allow and combine the following optoiins

  • equal distribute spacing / distances (make them all the same)
  • homogenous spacing (locally average the spacing - allowing small to big distances distributed linear / quadratic)
  • symmetry (automatic / set plane)
  • radiate (align to a circle - combined with above options (spacing))
  • planarize (auto (best fit plane), set plane)
  • align to surface
  • align to curve
  • smooth (along edge) with percentage

it would be great if this command also works for subD friendly Curves.

I think this can become very powerful and reduce the time of CV - Massage…

and if done right, it may also work with Nurbs-Surfaces / Control Polygons… (nurbs seem to be unprevileged in the last updates…)

kind regards -tom

see also: wish-distribute-subd-edges

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This would be a game changer!
I love it! I want it!
McNeely pls add this.

And extend it to all kind of points, also nurbs and distribute tool.

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This already exist into the Align tool

And also to curve and to line.

Planarize … currently i use gumball scale to 0 combined with gumball orientation view

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