Wish: straighten tool for points or edges

as in tre subject,
my wish is to have a tool that automatically straighten a selection of points or edges creating an alignment between the extremes.
this would help in keeping the topology clean and the shape nice.

I found myself doing this with gumball more than the modeling. thanks.


Have you tried the _align command?

In the latest WIP it works on SubD vertices. You can align to any curve, including a single line. You can also align to a plane.

You can also align control points and a bunch of other stuff. It’s a pretty deep command.

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I used the align for setting up geometry to be on the same plane or similar.never saw you can align to a line.
I’ll give it a try.

I think it’s a new feature in the most recent WIP.

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There was a script someone made to place vertices in an average. For a “line”, the script put the selected vertices along a single line that was the average of the points. For a surface, the script moved the vertices to the plane which was the average of all the vertices. It was an incredibly useful tool. One that I have misplaced. :confounded:

It actually started out as the surface tool and I asked him to make a version for lines. I found it most amazing for making surfaces appear flat without wrinkles. Apply the line average tool across both sides of a surface and you can get great quality surfaces.

scale to zero in any direction using gumball flattens a selection of points to the average of the selected points, if you relocate the gumball and scale zero to there, it’ll flatten to that point.

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@theoutside and @Max3
I had the chance to try the Align tool but is not the working like I expected.

The align tool has amazing options like ToLine and ToCurve but they’re working on 3D coordiantes of points.
I want the point to snap only according the current Cplane (2D)!

I saw the ToPlane option but it a 2D version of ToLine and I wish to have ToCrv as well

Could be possible to have a sub option to change the behaviour to be 2d or 3D ?

Check this image.

Thanks @theoutside for the gumball Trick. I know it and used a lot but having an Alias for Align ToLine/ToCurve makes workflow much faster.

For that behavior you’d need to use Pull to an extruded surface. Will that work for you?


That looks like it pulls to the closest point on the surface. As I understood them, they need to project to the surface, with all points moving on the same unit vector.

For that you could use Project instead and be in the parallel Cplane, you still need the surface though.

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don’t get me wrong, this is a super cool feature if you have to use it once.
But if you’re trying to clean a messy model and you have… 10 x10 isocurve to align in 2 direction this it takes way too much long.
let me insist on a option that simply makes align to work on cplane basis.
2clicks per row instead of… manyyyy.

I can file a request. Can you provide a model that illustrates the case you described? It may or may not be complicated to implement and having an actual model that shows the workflow issue is always useful and makes sure we don’t misinterpret the request. If you can’t post the model publicly, email tech@mcneel.com to my attention and I’ll get it on the pile. Thx


I’ll do it tomorrow.

I already asked for this, here: "Straightening" quads

We are finding that modeling SubDs in Rhino is great if you compare it to not modeling with SubDs at all in term of productivity, but it’s an absolute nightmare if you are used to be fast, efficient and productive.

BTW the example I posted was from a custom script in Modo (from Seneca Menard I believe), I think it would be great to see more selection tools muscle and development tools in RhinoCommon so people can make these ‘nerd AF’ tools for Rhino. I totally get it that building all these modeling tools internally for McNeel will take years (if it ever happens), so we need street-versions of them for now.


I’ve sent an e-mail to tech.

Thanks, I filed RH-58782 for future reference. It doesn’t look like anyone filed it from that other thread so I referenced that as well.

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