Wish - distribute command to SubD elements

It would be nice to change the space between selected elements like SubD points or SubD edges with the command _distribute.


Thanks for the request, I wrote it up again and then realized I already had filed it as a request ;). I added your vote but it doesn’t seem likely sorry. https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-55690

ah o.k.

At the beginning the SubD geometry looks good. Going on with more faces it starts to become harder and harder to keep the geometry clean. I wish a smooth tool for SubD points an edges along the surface. Right now I create curves, divide the curve by number of segments and place the SubD points at the segment point. A lot work to get a clean SubD geometry.

Have you tried the Smooth command on SubD faces or verts? That followed by Pull of the verts if you have some underlying mesh or polysrf as reference can be useful to even out spacing. I am also using Rebuild > SubD friendly and watching the span count in the dialog. This translates to the number of edges you’ll get in the loop. If you then use SubDLoft or Bridge you’ll be able to know what your edge count is to cleanly match other existing SubD edges.

Post any specific example of what you’re doing though, I might be misunderstanding. I agree that Distribute on sub-objects would be useful and had the same thought when I first filed that request.

Yes, I tried smooth and this works sometimes if the geometry is orientated to a plane.

This is a quick example to find a workflow. Working a longer time to a SubD geometry there will be more and more edges. Not always as clean as it should be. I’m now looking for a workflow to make e.g. this geometry look smooth without loosing the shape.
Goal is a clean SubD from the red one on layer 1 to the green one on layer 4.

cleanupSubD.3dm (384.9 KB)

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you have a ton of spans down the length of that object… more spans, more lumps and bumps… try to delete 2/3rds of those spans and then pull the remaining ones to reclaim your shape.

It’s not about this geometry, it’s about having a tool that enables smoothness on SubD elements. Smooth works along the coordinates. Distribute objects does not work with SubD or the points and edges. A tool mixed from smooth, distribute objects and a bit of tween curves would be awesome.

I agree this could be an useful tool for dense meshes.

Sounds interesting- Have you seen a tool that does this well elsewhere?

I filed https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-59138 to see if we can get the smoothing sliders in MoveUVN to work on the tangent directions of the SubD control point cage. I think this would help more than a world coordinate based smooth.


Hi @germans I don’t know when this feature was added, but apparently in the current WIP ((8.0.23143)
you can select SubD’s control points and use distribute, using xyz or specify a direction.
I’ve been waiting for this a lot.
First I want to say thank you for this! and I want to say that I would appreciate a command that combines Align and distribute.

Yes Joaquin, this is really needed. It’s been discussed before. One instance here: "Straightening" quads - #3 by gustojunk

I think it was treated as a separate request: