WISH: Standardize Mesh parameters GH vs RH

@DavidRutten, is it possible in GH to use the same names of parameters as RH so that users not wonder what’s what?



Strictly speaking it’s a mismatch between the Rhino SDK and the Rhino UI. The mesher was modified at some point but we did not change the Rhino UI, instead choosing to interpret the old settings. The GH meshing UI is a much stricter approximation of the underlying algorithm.

I do agree it’s confusing to have different settings. But I also think both approaches are confusing in their own right.

There’s been talk for a long time of redesigning the mesher from the ground up, I’m still hopeful that will happen some time before GH2 goes into UI lockdown mode.

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For the time being all I need is a map. What setting “combination” in RH correspond to what in GH.

I don’t even know what all of these mean. And honestly, as long as my models don’t look like made out of lego and it doesnt produce wrong output of intersections. I will never even try to understand.

True, but for Rhino there is an article explaining how to set a decent configuration. Whereas for GH I could not find any explanation.