How to recreate/retrieve/deconstruct Mesh Settings?

Hello all!

When using the “Mesh Brep” component in GH, you can use the built-in default, quality, speed or custom settings. Is there a way to get detailed information on the settings? The string output is unfortunately not really helpful since only “Simple Planes”, “Refine” and the quad count are mentioned.
What I am looking for is something like “Deconstruct Mesh Settings”, maybe similar to “Deconstruct Date”.

Any help is appreciated.

It’s the Rhino.Geometry.MeshingParameters class:

retrieve meshing (18.2 KB)


Works like a charm, thanks!
However, the presets for speed and quality both deliver the same results. How!? There must be there something more in this, otherwise the presets would be identical.

It looks like the difference is the RelativeTolerance setting
retrieve meshing (16.0 KB)


and also .RefineAngle …
… tricky!

retrieve meshing parameters (24.4 KB)

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