Same meshes, different vertices order in Rhino 6 vs 7

Hi :slight_smile:

During unit tests I’ve found unexpected difference between the same definition, but running in Rhino 6 vs Rhino 7.
Once I deconstruct vertices from created meshes and flatten them it looks like the order is different. Meshes looks the same, the order of them looks the same, when you compare faces flattened - they are also the same.

I internalized these meshes to not include the whole thing, so it’s not like internalise option changed something. Let me know what could be an issue, script in the attachment :wink: (1.4 MB)

Bump. Do you need some more data to check what could be the reason for that?

Hi Wojciech -

Generally, it’s of little use to only be presented with the result of something that didn’t work as expected. You’d have to provide the gh file that was used to create these meshes for anyone to be able to say anything meaningful about this.

When you bake them to the Rhino document and run SelDup, nothing is selected.

Thank you, once I will isolate this thing a bit more I will share it

Ok @wim, this is the isolated version of it. We checked it also on other machine and it’s the same way: difference between 6 and 7 for the same definition: (13.8 KB)

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