WISH : Smarter UI for Layer manager

I’m bringing this one back from a thread I created on the old forum at least 10 years ago.
In the age of smartphone UIs, we have become acustomed to smart interfaces that automatically optimize screen real-estate, avoiding huge useless blanks, and making sure that important text is never completely sqweezed to a state where you can barely see or select it.
Not in Rhino.

In particular, we still have the static, DIY column widths in the layer manager.
Although too much automation can be irritating, I think we could agree on some basic improvements like :
-Do not allow useless blanks to be created, in particular on those icon-based columns
-Auto restrict the “Layer name” column (the most important) to a user-definable min. width, and to a max. width corresponding to the longest layer name (see previous statement).

The idea behind this is the following : when you sqweeze the whole panel, it would first sqweeze the layer name column progressively up to the “min. width”, and then hide the other columns completely.
In the other direction, if you widen the panel, it would progressively widen the layer names column until it reaches the max width of the layer names, and then unhide the other columns.

The “User-definable min. width for layer names column” could have a “locked” option in case there are super-long layer names.